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Language is always part of where we come from. We’d like to help you not only to get to know the people who live in Riehen but also to help you feel at home.

The “Basler Kurszentrum für Menschen aus fünf Kontinenten" (K5) offers a “Deutsch SOFORT für Neuzuziehende in Riehen und Bettingen” course twice a year for foreigners from non-German-speaking countries. The courses are always given in spring and autumn. People who have just moved here can take the course for free with the Basel-Stadt voucher. Each course lasts 6½ weeks and is held in the morning from Monday to Thursday.

Childcare is available alongside the courses, which gives parents an opportunity to have their children looked after for a fee during the course. Children are introduced to the German language in the form of games while being looked after.

The “Miteinander vorwärts” association offers German and integration courses. Besides German-language courses, information is given on daily life, for example about subjects such as neighbourship, friendship, school, leisure and culture. German courses for beginners as well as advanced pupils are available. 

The courses offered by the “Miteinander vorwärts” association and the “Basler Kurszentrum für Menschen aus fünf Kontinenten” are supported financially by the municipality of Riehen and canton Basel-Stadt. Please register directly with these institutions. Don’t miss out on this opportunity

The GGG Ausländerberatung in Basle is a competence centre for integration that offers advice and information on all queries about daily life in 16 languages.


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